Our 24-hour emergency service is offered to all our customers. We take your fire protection very seriously and will respond to your emergency call immediately 365 days a year - around the clock.

(860) 793-6900


“Your service is always been professional. But your speedy response on a holiday weekend was just amazing.”


Phil Parese General Manager

Rizzuto’s – West Hartford, CT

“It was a pleasure doing business with Allstate Fire. They were very professional, efficient, courteous and on time. I would highly recommend them.”


Adrian MylesExecutive Chef,

Caribbean Food Concepts – Newington, CT

ANSUL MET-L-X cartridge operated fire extinguisher


MET-L-X is a dry powder composed of a salt base plus a polymer for sealing, and other additives to render it free-flowing and cause heat caking, or crusting. It may be used on sodium, potassium, sodium-potassium alloy, and magnesium fires. In addition, it will control and sometimes extinguish small fires on zirconium and titanium. MET-L-X can be discharged through hose lines and is available in hand portable, wheeled, stationary, and piped system extinguishers ranging from 30 to 2000 pounds.​


24 / 7 SERVICE​

(860) 793-6900

Allstate Fire Equipment

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