Industries Served

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The innovations and evolutions in commercial cooking have created innovative and ever-evolving approaches to fire protection on the part of the system manufacturer’s design and . . .

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Effective fire protection for automotive spray paint booths, prep stations and paint mix rooms is essential to the overall risk management plan of any automotive repair facility . . .

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Hospitals / Nursing

Fire safety is our business. Whether your hospital, nursing home, assisted living or rehabilitation facility requires a new life safety system to meet specific code requirements or your existing systems need . . .

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Schools / Universities

The critical nature of our educational institutions demands state of the art fire protection to protect our students, staff, educators and facilities. With more than 50% of fires at Schools . . .

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Lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory practices make today’s manufacturing operations exceptionally intolerant to unplanned outages. Fortunately, as authorized . . .

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Property Management

In addition to fixed automatic fire suppression systems for kitchens and computer rooms, commercial properties have fire extinguishers, emergency lighting units, exit signs, . . .

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